Wireless Charging Station Foldable

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Introducing the Magnetic + Wireless Charger: Your ultimate power hub with a touch of magic! 🔮🔌
📱Phone Enchantment: Place your iPhone 15/14/13/12 series on the sleek surface and watch it charge wirelessly. With our secret iron ring, it’s like levitating your phone! ✨ (Supports up to 7.5W)
🎧Earbud Oasis: AirPods 2/3/Pro or any wireless earbuds? They’re welcome here! It delivers a cozy 5W hug to keep your tunes flowing.
⌚Apple Watch Retreat: Your trusty Apple Watch (original only) deserves a cozy spot too. The gentle 3W embrace ensures it’s always ready for action.
🔌Wired Wizardry: Need a quick boost? Plug in your device with the mighty 20W wired charging option. Lightning speed; no wands are required.
🌈Gradient Glory: The transparent housing reveals its inner workings—a mechanical punk masterpiece. It’s not just a charger; it’s an art piece for your desk.
🔮Magical Magnets: Worried about slipping phones? Fear not! The magnetic charm keeps your device securely in place. No disappearing acts here.
🔥Power That Lasts: With a robust 15,000 mAh battery, it’s like having a dragon’s hoard of energy. Charge your phone and game console and still have juice left for a quest or two.
🌟Elevate Your Charging Game: Whether you’re a tech wizard or a casual sorcerer, the KR80 is your secret weapon. It’s time to level up! ⚡

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